Senin, 05 Januari 2015

About Living Abroad (Again)

  So, even though I promised to keep my blog updated, it seems like hard to keep it like that, since I'm just too addicted to other activity (e.g. Dota). But anyway, I just stumbled upon this one great blog post from my Facebook timeline, reminding me of one of my post months ago (well, one and a half year ago). You can see the post here. This time's post is similar, but this one was made by fellow Indonesian who (maybe) done his study. I took it from here and decided to repost it and highlight some point that I (somehow) extremely agree with. So, Enjoy!

How an Indonesian Diaspora Feels Like when Going “Home” for Holiday

Jakarta – You unbuckle your seatbelt, even when the pilot tells you not to unless the plane has completely stopped moving. (can't agree more, screw those rules)
“Dear passengers, welcome to Soekarno Hatta International Airport. The time in Jakarta is…” You know the lines by heart, you’ve heard it so many times before. You mindlessly turn your cell phone on before you reached the Arrival Hall. You think of changing the SIM card to the Indonesian one (well before I leave the country, I asked my mother to always refill my number but it seems like mom don't do that again, so, probably I lost my number already T.T) you keep, but you’re not sure if it is still usable, you have been gone for so long. So you take your overhead baggage and leave the plane, hoping Mom and Dad make it on time and not trapped in traffic.
You step outside and voila, it’s not the tunnel. It’s the rickety metal stairs because the tunnels are usually fully occupied by the other planes. Crap, you mutter, I thought I’m taking the world best economy class airline? I might as well fly budget next time. Tough luck. You stand and wait for the bus while Jakarta sweltering weather heats up the tarmac like the world’s biggest frying pan.